Fishdog heap of cringey sketches and drawing hell-pit

So uhh recently, I was having a whacky character idea. Although the design look great on head, trying to transport it into digital art is quite challenging. Currently this is going be the beta version of the character.

Not sure why I gave the funni doll unicorn a hand made out of magic, but it sound cool I guess.

So uh any suggestions?


So uhh long story short, it was a boring Monday In general. Just playing around and doodling and a notepad out of all things until. I drew this.

(The funni stick figure guys, just don’t mind the other whack I drew).

And I was like, “Huh, I really like this doodle, so I drew it again, but only drawing the funni gal face. And I liked it. A lot.

So I decided to make some sort of reference page of her but digitally!

For her design, I was mostly inspired by Cranes, mostly her color scheme was heavily inspired by a specific crane that I forgot what it was called. (Might find it later), but I do remember these crane were considered to be “sleek and elegant”.

So I try to contribute it to her design. I had fun,(and some challenges), with this gal design. (And I also played around with coloring digitally since I really don’t like my latest art style but mostly the coloring needed some improvement).

Not sure what to name her, I’m just going call her the “Crane Witch” or something like that. Idk.

(Edit 1: I just forgot to mentioned that I did not drew her eyes during this, not sure why, but I’m not sure if this could add mystery or something. Idk).


Head empty… no thoughts…

Only thoughts…

Edward Wormten

Dies from cringe.

Hey… hey.

Remember that one game that Vetex made and was called Adventure Story and then he suddenly abandoned it?

Yeah, decided to play the game again for laugh and giggles.

Then I drew how my profile looked on this game.

Welp, a bit messy to say the least.


For some reason, I have an absolute chaotic urge to draw Revon, but give him a biblical accurate angel head for no reason… should I do it???

The urge
  • Idiot the heck are you on?
  • Okay, you do you.
  • Idk bro, your choice.
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We’re cooking a mess with this one!! :shallow_pan_of_food::fire::fire:


have i never seen this doodle thread before??? oh well, time for me to stalk this thread

I mean, some people did saw this thread before. They only visited once and they were gone. So uh, welcome to the Hellhole.
Where all the stalker of the forums looks at my disappointing art!

Almost finishing with this one laddies,and lassie or ladio.

Not sure if I should post this in the art thread or nah.

But eh. Might do something about it later.


Screw it. Imma post the Revon art on the art thread. Wish me luck yall. :saluting_face:

Dude, my phone is literally dying due to the Revon art, I swear-


Decided to draw funni Revon,(the biblical accurate one), and give him some little body ref. Then I decided to draw some absurd sketches of Revon, Neviro,(well only one), and my AO OC Realei,(She is in fact an OC since I already have all my three files used. And I’m not going replay that same game again since the story is straight up boring-)


Yo, is Revon puffing back a fat one?

Yes sir. :nod:

Bud gave up on hope.