Fishing Bin attachment for upcoming feature

Fishing Bin attachment for upcoming feature
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We should get fishing bin as an attachment for the ship and ability to interact (or talk) with it and choose what we should do with the fish that crew got from this upcoming feature.

Fishing bin would display how many fish we have in that bin and if we should collect the said fish which will promp the quotes from the crew or feed the crew 1 fish to heal them.

Of course if you do not have the fishing bin, this feature will act as normal as it’s stated in Trello.


i literally dont see any reason to feed the crew except for one specific easy badge

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True captain should be renamed average captain
Add a badge called “Touch Of Insanity” or something that is true captain but.
Make it to insanity 4 range and make it back with 1/2 or more of your crew alive

this honestly is a good idea but everyone would run 4x bin because all the other attachments are currently shit; there’s no opportunity cost atm which is what would balance this out

i mean you would chose. do you want fish or do you want to hunt whales

Could be neat as a side thing if, say, the crewmate fishing feature has a cap on the amount of fish they can get (increasing the maximum size), but the way the feature’s going I’m pretty sure that’s not even going to be necessary. I’m not even sure if crewmate death does anything. Other than achievement stuff, does it do anything?

spam acid blasts
whales are big, they do not alot of damage, and you can just retreat to an island
also for some reason i get 2-3 whale blubber 75% of the time if i kill them without attachments

I feel like a fishing bin sounds pretty neat, actually. Utility attachments in general could be pretty cool. Make current attachments serve purposes more literal to their capabilities; the Net Gun can slow sea animals, whilst the Harpoon slows ships.

I think being able to use fish to heal your crewmate is actually insanely valuable if we ever get an actually difficult iteration of True Captain.

Sounds like a good utility attachment with a unique use.

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