Flag of the Arcane universe

I made a flag for the AU, i think it goes pretty hard so i wanted to share, feel free to use as your banner or discord pfp.
(magic circle by quest5)


The white represents the Cumulus and cirrus islands as well as the sky

The green represents the ginormous amount of robux that arcane odyssey will make and the forests of magius

The magic circle represents magic (duh)

The lighting bolt represents our lord and savior vetexgames

The blue represents the seas of aa and ao (and wom too i guess)

The brown is for the ships (each triangle is a one)

also FlagWaver - the flag animated




On a real note though I do wonder what a flag for different continents/sea clusters for the AU would look like; for magius, the 7 seas and the war seas. But each island/culture/kingdom would likely just have their own flags

Your concept was pretty cool

Honestly same, i’d love to see in-universe flags for the different peoples ( and their symbolism, evolution and such, there’s loads of interaction that could happen), bit of a bummer the AU isn’t real in this aspect, so we can only imagine.

I’d say the flag could be improved if the magic circle was more thick and bigger and was a different color to both the white and the green parts of the flag

also the Boats should be moved or just removed entirely they don’t fit in the slightest

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This flag was made as a joke, but thanks for the advice.

this actually hurts my eyes


I will be making this my pfp immediately

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Do it

did it

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arcanesexual flag

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i’m midly surprised, i never thought you’d actually do that

omen please no
or should i say
omen help me

i did it

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is it bad I now want to try and make symbols for different entities in the AU now?

it’s not bad at all, you should do it!

i will do it.

why is the circle {not 1:1/stretched}

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