Flintlock Discussion


Continuing from RFAO Part 3 because I may or may not be reaching my limits restraining myself from scolding everyone about having side chats in Reminders, thank you-

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Nooo what am I gonna kill sharks with as a mage without magics that work underwater (stupid feature locking players out of some reagents for that)

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I needa find coral field, Im sure thats will be beautiful

Bleeding potions

Musket + flintlock + dual flintlock combo

I run that on my 0 stat file + attack speed goes insane [given, the 7.5 seconds to dual is ridonkulous, hopefully the amount of time gets lowered cause youd just be better off equipping 2 flintlocks lmao

Btw, I brew myself a pair of tier 5 bleeding. Both spawned normal sharks. Where tf my pocket white eyes?

every tier of bleeding is identical for shark spawning

you cant equip 2 flintlocks

I have a file that uses flintlock + dual flintlocks

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bronze and regular, yes u can

There should be a potion or something. I always liked the idea of them changing elements instead, but honestly that sounds more annoying to me than just outright having them go poof.

No, you can’t equip two versions of the same weapon, but you can equip two different weapons. Flintlock and dual flintlocks are two different weapon classes, so bronze dual + bronze single + bronze musket builds are existing

Idk why this message is here, but I guess its because they were mixed in with the Flintlock discussion that it got dragged here too.

If youre including the other message message abt bleed potion and sharks, the one you replied to was telling someone that they could use bleeding potions against sharks if they cant use Flintlocks, that one is still on topic.

(also, pls ask in this threat and avoid messaging in Reminders UNLESS if its patch notes, I made this thread to steer conversation away from there, thx…)

I could swear that equipping 2 at once was possible, maybe im just schizo, but yea. Dual having 7.5 seconds for reload is ridonkulous and im not here to get argued with over a minor mistake :v: toodles

Maybe it was possible in AA?

Mabe??? I could also just be mistakingdual and regular in all honesty, But I can swear it was possible since I vividly remember beating the fuck out of a boss with a bronze and regular flintlock.

Then again, I am a bit schizo

Images of dual and single are really too simular. Before, old dual had different image than bronze, the image that they had in AA, idk why but now it was changed too, so now all four of these firearms are the same. Why not to return dual flintlocks their original image?

I have been using guns for 250 hours by now and I can say by certainty that the Dual Flints although without the recharge are worth it since if you can land both m1s that does the same damage as the single flintlock each it will do upwards of 300 - 500 damage