Focus and aura on weapons/fighting style imbues

Focus and aura on weapons/fighting style imbues
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Right now aura and focus (I will shorten to mode from now on) only work/apply buffs to whatever uses it. This makes sense.

So what’s the proposal? If per say you have a musket with a metal imbue, your musket should get a power boost from using power mode. It should be at 50% effect though as an imbue is not the magic itself.

This may instead supposed to go to the balance discord server but I’m not sure and people in discussion seem to want this

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idk how i feel about that cuz it kinda screws over any build without imbues
makes the resistance mode still generally the best (as far as i know) for mages and berserkers as it affects more than just one of their magic/style

also weapons might not be balanced with aura and focus in mind but i have no idea if thats true

im not a balancer (if i was magic supremacy) but it seemed that people wanted it from a 75% to 25% ratio so this would be the real test if people wanted it.

I definitely feel like it’s weird that resistance mode is a general buff and then the others just aren’t, but the exact scaling is yeah idk

the magic is powered which powers the imbue more

I’ve thought about this a lot and it’ll probably be better if it stays as is. Choosing which part of your move-set you’re buffing is much more interesting than buffing all of it with one ability, and it wouldn’t make much sense if an ice aura were to buff my magma magic’s damage for example.

I do think a duration setting should be added though, so you can apply a weaker but longer-lasting buff to the parts of your kit you might not use as much, cause no one is using 200 energy cost auras twice every 30 seconds to keep both magics/fstyles affected

Agreed, resistance focus/aura needs a change

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