Foothold (Crimson Origins, chapter 14)

The Shining Star

Rorik groaned as consciousness slowly returned to him. His head hurt like hell and he felt like he was gonna throw up.

“Finally awake, are you?” Kyra’s voice asked.

Rorik slowly opened his eyes. His vision felt… Strange, like he wasn’t getting the full degree of vision.

Kyra sighed in relief, “Good god, it’s been two days, Rorik. What the hell did you do to yourself?!”

Rorik shook his head in a vain effort to clear his mind, “I remember… Fighting my parents… And then…”

“Your dad took out your eye.” Kyra finished for him.

“I… I crippled them, I fried their meridians to crisps.” Rorik sobbed, “They’ll never be able to fight again… What have I done?!”

“Your different ideals caused you to clash, and you won” Kyra said, “They’ll live, and they’ve already done enough service to the AG for them to have a huge retirement fund if they choose to end their service. Don’t worry about them. When this is all over, you can go visit them and explain everything…”

“I… I don’t know what happened. All of a sudden, lightning started shooting in every direction out from my hands… I felt my power surge and drop in an instant. What happened?” Rorik asked.

“Mikhail said that you mutated your magic. That’s really the only explanation… I’m… Sorry about your eye.” Kyra said.

“Where are we?” Rorik inquired, changing the subject.

“We’re on my ship.” Kyra informed him, “Since you didn’t get to hear the plan we came up with in yesterday’s meeting, I’ll explain. The last city we were in is called Genisi. It was the central foothold of the AG’s operations on mainland, but with the trouble you caused… The people there aren’t too loyal to the AG anymore…”

“Why is that?” Rorik asked.

“A lot of damage was done to the block that you guys fought on. That painted the AG in a bad light from how unprofessional and needlessly destructive that fight was.” Kyra remarked, “Anyways, now that Genisi is politically unstable, the AG are gonna reroute most of it’s resources on mainland to help with the issue and get Genisi back under it’s control. While they’re doing that, we’re gonna cripple the AG’s operations on mainland by destroying critical outposts and bases that make up their supply chain. You have to understand that mainland is critical in the AG’s plans, since it produces so much new technology that the AG wants. By crippling the AG’s operations here, we’re essentially crippling the AG as a whole.”

“Sounds like a good plan, where are we going now?”

“You, Ivy and I are going to Anchorport. It’s another port town that the AG is set up in. We’re planning on putting an end to their operations there, and setting up our own. Mikhail, Sasha and Steven went to Yoheim. Yoheim is a fairly big city near the eastern side of mainland, it also doesn’t have a lot of AG influence. So we’re planning on setting up our operations there.” Kyra explained, “Ivy is at the helm for the time being. She told me that we’re gonna be there in the next few hours or so.”

“We’re gonna need a safehouse once we’re in the city. Got anything in mind?” Rorik asked.

“Yeah, actually. Ivy said that she had somewhere in mind. Once we get set up in our new safehouse, I’ll tell you about our first target. For now, get some rest.”

Safehouse, 2 hours later

Rorik adjusted his eyepatch. Being half-blind was going to take some getting used to.

“You ready?” Kyra asked.

“Yeah, what’s our target?”

Kyra flipped through her notes, “There is a fairly unknown AG commander here known as David Locket, David was one of the first people I looked into back at the prison complex when I heard about corruption in the AG. There were rumours about him, but there are rumours about a lot of things. I didn’t pay them any mind back when I was in service, but after looking over his file… Yeah, he needs to go.”

“And what do we need to do to get close to him?” Rorik inquired.

“It looks like he has a small outpost just outside of town… If one of us could get in, kill David, and burn the outpost to the ground. We’d put an end to his scheming.”

“Alright, what did this guy do anyways?” Rorik inquired


“Ah. Well, lets hear the plan.”

“This is a terrible plan.” Rorik muttered to himself as he walked down the dark hallway.

Kyra’s ‘master plan’ involved Rorik sneaking in while she caused a big distraction near the front of the compound.

Rorik drew his blade and walked further down the hallway. He could hear explosions coming from out front. He needed to hurry up. David had his office down the hall to Rorik’s right.

“Sir! What should we do?” Rorik heard a voice coming from down the right side of the hall.

“Hold that bitch off! I don’t care how you do it, just do!” A nasally reply shouted.

“But… She’s more adept than any of the fighters here! If she was aiming for lethal blows… We’d all be dead!”

“If she wants to be merciful, then that’s her problem! Keep fighting!”, Rorik could practically hear the spittle flying out of that bastard’s mouth.

“Y-yes sir!” The soldier said as they ran off to the front of the outpost.

Rorik slowly crept forwards, careful not to make any sound. He entered the commander’s office. It was very fancily designed, David clearly thought highly of himself as he had mirrors and paintings of himself covering most of the walls.

“Ah, good! The talent has shown up!” David exclaimed as he jumped out of his chair, “I’ll give your boss extra if you can drive off the disturbance at the gate!”

Rorik blinked in confusion. David must have seen the look on his face, because they took a step back.

“W-wait, you don’t work for Gerald, do you?” David asked nervously as he drew the rapier on his hip.

“You’re smarter than you look.” Rorik quipped as Moro ignited his blade.

David attempted to stab Rorik, but the attack was quickly deflected.

“So, who is this ‘Gerald’ you speak of?” Rorik inquired, “Are they an accessory to your extortion racket? An underground ally perhaps?”

“Like you’ll ever know! Once I’m done with you, your friends and family are nex-”

Rorik took this opportunity to quickly jam his sword deep into David’s gut, the man’s organs sizzled as Moro’s enhancement did it’s job.

“I’ll see you in hell.” Rorik whispered in the commander’s ear, as he let the corpse drop.

David had let something slip about a possible ally of his. Knowing this, Rorik searched the room for clues. He took some important-looking files from the office desk, as well as some valuables. There was also a cask of fine wine under the desk, which Rorik planned on opening as a celebration when they got back to the safehouse.

“Hey, what are you- Shit! The commander!” A voice sounded from behind him.

Rorik swung around to see a man wearing a black cloak holding a large cutlass.

“And who would you be?” Rorik asked.

“Doesn’t matter, DIE!” The man roared as he charged at Rorik.

Rorik sidestepped his first attack, but wasn’t able to dodge the punch that hit him after the initial swing. As he recovered, the man hefted his huge cutlass and swung at Rorik again, but he was ready this time.

“Eat lightning!” Rorik shouted as he unleashed a writhing current of lightning from his fingertips.

The man screamed in agony as his body seized up from the amount of volts circulating through it. Rorik kept the current up until the man’s vital organs ceased functioning.

“Christ…” Rorik muttered as he looked at the dark blue electricity dancing across his fingertips.

He checked to see if the man had anything on him, but all he found was charred flesh. So he began to make his way out of the outpost. He exited out the back of the building and shot an exploding beam of light into the sky, signaling Kyra to retreat as the mission was over.

Rorik ran into the forest and circled his way back towards town.


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