For real, I know the date of the next update

Studying Vetex’s patterns, seeing that bosses take a while I expect the Minotaur to be done by this Wednesday. That said, Vetex has not done the Exiled yet, and he has yet to finish half of the Hero and Villian Prologues. Exiled should be done by sometime between Sunday August 16, and Tuesday August 18. Then he typically does bug fixes which take a few days. Expect the update to be out by August 21 - 23. We know that Vetex takes a while, factoring that in, say August 25.

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Hm. I didn’t expect it to me that long but but thx for ur information.

Your welcome. I spent a lot of time thinking about this

I think it’ll be a lot shorter than that because Vetex cruised through the first half of this update.

So like prolly somewhere around the next 7-10 days.

I’m also thinking around a week, because he’s almost completely done with minotaur, only needs to finish the exile, and most of the remaining things he’s already shown that he can blow through super quickly.

ye minotaur is probably done today

i heard the update will be on Aygust 3rd. keep your eyes peeled!

the exile will probably take the same amount of time as minotaur.

isn’t this all just guesswork?

Yes my friend :sweat_smile:

ehhhh now thinking about it, it will probably like 5x faster for the exile boss

yeah but you forgot vetex almost always releases his updates at fridays/weekends

Ive been looking at the pattern of this update very closely, and the prologues have been being finished extremely fast, and the Minotaur boss has been the longest feature thus far. Considering that the Exiled boss is next up, I doubt it would take as long as you say it does.

It’s guesswork, but remember, this is ADVANCED GUESSWORK

yeah it was when he started on minotaur that he hit a snag

but the speedy start might have been because he was already working on it last update