Force? Kinetic Energy? Pressure?

I just read this and I feel like I’m lost. I’m thinking if I should for example, use force, kinetic energy, pressure, or something else to determine if an object should break. I want to know this so I could accurately represent normal human durability for example. I also want to know how this so that I could decide how durable my protagonists’ magical armor is in quantitative terms.

I’m currently deciding for my story the “base” power each element has. For example, beginner water mages in my story could maybe move 100kg of water at 10 m/s. I’ll definitely use newtons for base power.

I want to make my story have accurate calculations (would that even matter when I rarely draw what’s happening in an accurate 1:1 scale???).

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Force is the measure of change in a system, such as a push or pull on an object.

Energy is the integral of Force with respect to distance. It’s much more abstract but allows Force to be related with a number of other systems.

Pressure is the amount of Force per square inch (2d plane). Flux would be the amount of Force per cubic inch (3d object).

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I’m still thinking which one to use to calculate if an object will break.

If your character uses blades then pressure. For magic go with force
Kinetic energy for fighting styles

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