Forgotten adventures - episode 1 - Lost

Lost - 1 | Forgotten adventures (

Somehow, it didn’t took as much time as I actually expected, I still need to learn how to manage screentimes and also to meaasure the leangh of the chapters (this one ended up being quite short :fr:)

The next episode might take more time than this one, as I still strugle to make motion drawings, but, I have no regrets. It’s going to be a long and exhausting project, and I hope you all enjoy it.


Looks great! Now I have two arcane webtoons to follow. Can’t wait to see future episodes!

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I especially like this one right here:

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Galleons…don’t…exist in the seven seas…

oddly specific question but does she have a yellow-stained shirt (stained from age or just dyed)

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totally not because her outfit looks kinda similar to something I’ve seen before

Oh, that’s because they are not currently in the seven seas

Eehh, it was supposed to be that part of a jacket-

Haven’t figured out how to make details in an effective way

as if i needed more reason to love keiran.

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Comic mentioned it was north of Magius, which would either mean it’s in the same sea cluster or a different sea cluster north of Magius. Or are you just loosely going off of lore

Right, Lamina was the currency of the 7 seas, but it stopped being used after Magius was created (as far as I’m concerned)

This story takes place some years after Magius was created, which is why Galleons are mentioned instead of Lamina, since the 7 seas era already ended

As of why Galleons were mentioned instead of the trinkets from world of magic, it’s a hint but I won’t explain further, don’t want to spoil the serie :frhigh:

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Make it thick like a trench coat
instant coolness if she has a shotgun and a cowboy hat as well