Forum Check-Up / Name Change

need another checkup to make sure i wont get regular

just need a check up, need to get back to regular again :>

werent you suspended



mightve been necrobumping? or asking if i could say a slur
update: it was neither of those it was this

@JellyfishEdward You’re on the right path

@akirogue Just gotta read some more

whoops :grimacing:

back to speedrunning viewing posts LMAO

Read da forums aki >:3

can i get a checkup or whatever rq i dont wanna look at my stats i want someone to display it for me :yawning_face:

@HiPhilhere One does not simply “look at his stats”, it is just not possible. I hold the monopoly on checkups. I am not a convenience, but a necessity. I am the one who looks at your forum stats! I AM INEVITABLE!

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Doctor, I’m going to need a checkup.

safe and sound

i LOVE staying inactive :fire:

Is it possible to check my consecutive visits? If not you can just do the normal check up

Pls check up on me i was dead here for a long time now

@Zipher dont think we can check consecutive visits but youre close to 100/100

@ponsru21 only a few days needed until you are dead no longer

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hi can I have my name changed to ItsameTree