Forum Check-Up / Name Change

Name change to Flare-Chan
they’re coming back.

@Cryonical Hello buddy…


Check please

@Dreamkeeper Heh, one does not simply “leave” after getting a no life badge. Your brain will consider it a habit to doom scroll this place

@Zipher Real…

Check up please

the estrogen strikes again

change name to Tetra-Chan please!

Regular checkup please :pray: :pray:



change my name to fartchan1314

i am in my right state of mind

last time flare changed his name to flare-chan, someone else took his name, but i doubt some new player is going to happen to call his account fartman1314

You gotta be kidding me buddy.

it spreads

change my name to fartman1314

change mine to fartman1314 first (help) (i was in the wrong state of mind)

@UnitVector make my username optie

changing your name won’t wash away your sins. you should have known this.

I wonder what nine bangerz means

Check-up please

can i get a check up as well pls :pray:

Is the doctor in? If so, can I get a checkup?