Forum Check-Up / Name Change

mods do the chain rename it would be funny

sure bestie number 2

i aint doing too well
i think i need a regular checkup

can I get a name change to TheGreyGhost

Very interesting.

You’ll live, I think

ik i just did it a while ago but do you mind if you do it again please :smile:

Me too please

ok my month of suffering is over
can I change my name back to farerflare

i wanna see my family again
i wanna see my friends again

  • Flare

i think i need a checkup too its been a hot minute

can we execute @Flare farerflare is such a lame name compared to flare

i second this what has this impostor done to be worthy of that name

petition to bring justice (execution by firing squad) to @Flare (not flare)
  • yessir
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May I get a checkup

checkup please please pretty please

Checkup pls :]

mind if i get a name change to revalrie thanks i hope your pillows are always cold and comfortable :pray: