Forum Check-Up / Name Change

name yourself ‘god’ since its based off the kabbalah or aspects of god fr

Thats mid

name change to toaster

i request my previous account that I owned known as zephyr to be completely deleted. not anonymized, deleted. I don’t want it to see the light of day ever again that shit haunts me

The past is the past. The future is now. Make the most of it, darlin’.

it’s gonna be with you forever

i want my tl3 check…

@UnitVector misinput told me to message him after 3 months ~4 months ago but he “doesn’t accept messages” now what do I do

@LoreHunter It’s anoned for now. We’ll see about deletions at some other time. AFAIR we need the forum to be stopped when deleting users with large amount of posts


@opticalcord I don’t know what the situation is, but I could try to help. Just message me instead if it’s something straightforward. I asked Mis about it also, so if you had some specific agreement I’ll just follow whatever Mis says.

@opticalcord Your thing is done

im no longer a regular and thus i am in need of a medical checkup

doctor, grant me my biyearly checkup

Could i have a checkup? It seems i have lost my regular today.

I’m pretty sure I can’t get regular because I got put under review for a flagged post once and it counted as a suspension, could I know when that suspension expires?

its a conspiracy i tell you

Crap emergency checkup I feel like I missed a day

can i have a checkup pretty please : )

the good doctor must be out of town on vacation