Forum Curses Entr'acte: Who Am I?

Task 1
Character 4
Role: Relative of the cursesmith

Task: 1
Character: 4
Curse: None/Regular guilt

cursed by lazarus?

Nope (Sorry I’m so late)

Correct (He’s just feeling a little guilty)


How was his guess for none right but how was mine wrong?

His curse is Guilt

Task: 1
Character: 4
Occupation/Role: Unemployed/Murderer

i’d like to theorise then that william is the one who attacked morock in the latest chapter for these reasons

  1. he was just absent from school
  2. the ethanol bottle went missing that day, and one was thrown at morock
  3. he’s mysterious
  4. in the encrypted text in the email he sent to dr mahn, while i haven’t solved it yet, the last two capitilised words have just enough letters to say “morock creed”

This is correct, the bottle stolen from Dr. Mahn was indeed thrown at Morock

Hi yes mystery man for last chapter

Morock’s full name is not Morock Creed.

This indeed ties into the plot

William did not attack morock. However another name mentioned at some point is the culprit.

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argh i forgot it wasn’t creed now

So was I wrong, or…?

Oops you were right sorry.
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i’d like to guess then that it was troy/tavish, due to many facts that could be attributed to the glitch curse and morock’s reaction to his attacker’s voice

  1. troy knows morock and would have a reason to hate him for hurting serena and killing her family, and morock would know troy enough to have a familiar to his voice
  2. the attacker wielded a sword, and the glitch curse in prometheus’s arena was capable of summoning a sword too
  3. the attacker also had an ethanol bottle from dr mahn’s classroom, so they would have to be someone at the school
  4. it all happened, and then just ended suddenly, which seems to be one of the glitch curse’s fortes
  5. morock heard a second voice, so there were two people, and we know tavish and troy are together

one problem with this though is the nature of curses in this universe, that being actual curses instead of powers that can be controlled, though since troy’s curse is attached to a sentient being, it could be possible that he struck a deal with them, or that he was possibly possessed or used by tavish for some reason

Well done, you have found the culprit.

I think you mean The Binary Sword, From Madness Combat

Ignoring the half an hour staring contest in PA, our good friend Tavish enjoys some nice easy murders

Reminds me of the time we were doing distillation in class and my teacher accidentally drank pure ethanol.
He’s doing fine it was just funny.

“You know what I really hope this isn’t one of those two minds same body tropes.”
“Nah, it couldn’t be”
– Troy, Probably

Me when I deal with the Devil but the Devil is taitc

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Hello chat, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Anyways here’s the solution for

Thanks @sock for helping out with finding all the hints.

Encoded Message:
Pds F af Joyvud, qbsxnhl px qte Ntgpqx Lfttd


Hint 1:

Translating key with KEY [stable] gives:
Xks E pb Rvyujz, yiswcdt wx pia Vagoft Tmtss

Translating previous with KEY [like] gives:
Mci A et Hrnmzv, naisrvj sm hyw Kswkul Jiiki

Translating previous again with key [horse] gives:
For I am Tavish, wielder of the Glitch Curse



at least i tried stable and horse together, nice job figuring out like, i gotta take hints like these more literally i guess

Sorry sock I came back and just saw it :pensive:

Well done Bio! Congratulations on solving the third cipher.

Only three more to go.

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