Forum Curses Entr'acte: Who Am I?

There’s more? >:]
Lemme solve em

Each chapter contains a cipher. Chapters 2 (Admittedly “Cipher” is a bit far for this one, but it’s a hidden message) and 4 still have unsolved ciphers.

I’ll give a clue for chapter 2, in one of the C1 sources, I’ve hidden instructions on how to solve it’s puzzle. Chapter 4 may take a bit more work, but clues are hidden in there.

im so lost lmao

Me too, kid.


I basically got thanos snapped from the story

taitc so lucky lol

Hi no please wait a bit I’ll add a Typ reference.

Have fun everyone.
Time is limited, you have two weeks to solve the other ciphers, after all ciphers have been solved I will give you an additional week to submit conclusions before giving you some information about the next game in our series.
Forum Curses Entr’acte. Chapter 5: As I Walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Absence - Writing - Arcane Odyssey
@Bio @tbd


This part of the new story caught my eye, look closely. You can see words like cry in it, but also ones like TYP and ban. This is most likely the cypher for this story.

character 4 last name


Hang on.
Is that…
Is that a…

Correct, you are on cooldown.

Task: 1
Character: 4
Middle name: Angelina

Is that a
Correct, you are on cooldown.

Task: 1
Character: 5
Curse: The Forum Acumen

Correct, you are now on cooldown.

Task 1 has been complete. Additional points are being added for all contributors.


Gosh now it’s just those stupid ciphers left

If we don’t get rewards these stupid things will be why

I’ll make sure you get some rewards

Tick tock, tick tock
Time is running out my friends
In C1D a clue can be found
Don’t look so down,
Or do so as you will
There might be instructions
Hidden under your [Eyes]

Also I promise to publish another source tomorrow trust