[Forum game] Once upon a

You basically dictate a man’s life and take him on a journey by your creative minds. In a nutshell example is. “Once upon a time…there was john. He was destined to become a great magician.” and then you can go on forth. Again,it’s not necessary you have to stick with a WoM or magic theme but still I’d like it if you did.

Anyways,let’s get this started!
Once upon a time…there was Ace.


Ace was a Teen who discovered that he had.

a great affinity towards water magic, and could perform many great feats with it.

One day he went to visit his grandparents house, it was his grandmothers birthday…

yet,when he went there he saw his family dead from a dark wizard.

he sought revenge for his family and wishes to train to be able to avenge the death of his family and began to train

He climbed the highest of mountains and swam in the deepest sea training for his revenge against this Powerful Darkwizard who killed his family.

But one day,tragedy struck as while training,he all of a sudden shot a magic council camp and had to pay a fine of 100 crowns.

However, he declined the fine. Then, he looked back to see a massive…

Fireball coming. King David decided to come all the way out here to deal with it himself.

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Ace blacked out. Once he woke up, he was…

in jail wondering what had happened to him to end up there before he finally remembered.

The magic council guard told him he had a cell mate, who was…

A Powerful Warlord, she ruled over a great kingdom, her name was…

Jeuse, who immediately killed Ace with her brute strength

yet somehow,ace was actually alive but knocked out. The magic council guard unknowingly threw his body outside into the river.

Ace swam back up to the surface and to his surprise he found.

A person fishing, the man had a shock when he saw Ace surface in lake argestes and asked him…

“Hey there, youngster. Do you think you could tell me how these waters feel to you? I’m not sure if there’s any good fish here.”

Ace replied that there weren’t any fish yet, and that the fisherman would have to wait a little longer.