Forum Myth #5

Title: Hex

Mark: Spirit

Appearance: Light blond hair, possibly dyed, with fair skin and ruby eyes. Thick pair of black glasses worn with a white hair band with an unknown description. Usually seen wearing light clothes, akin to robes. Has extremely sharp canines, causing worry among others.

Aura: A thick, furious energy in a red to pink gradient, brutally mixed with a calmer energy in a green to turquoise gradient.


  • Strong user of both [Illustrate] as well as [Script], evident in her aura.
  • One of the strongest users of [Curse], having it fused it with her other attributes in the creation of a new, destructive power.

Nature: Crazy Fanatical. Is known to full heartedly worship one of the entities of the [Reality] and has attempted to start a cult in his name. Despite such … red flags, is known to be fun to hang out with, though said [Curse] energy can prove to be contagious.



Favorite Pastime: Using her weapon and bringing fear upon all individuals in the [Dream].

Fun Facts:

  • Seen to be a great friend of [Raven] despite their opposing views on [Curse] energy, though some have said that said energy had infected [Raven] to a degree.


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Yeah im here?

Who let him into charlies closet