Forum Myth Entry #2

Title: Weaver

Mark : Demi : Allows for the manipulation of the [Dream] to a certain extent

Appearance: Blaze of orange hair with light brown tones, usually tamed in two, small pig tails. Wears a massive scarlet witch hat in match with a scarlet robe that seems to have a will of its own in the way it moves. Has on eye poppers at all times, no matter the situation, has been seen to change colors in synch with his emotions.

Aura: Able to suppress his aura completely, a ability envied by other Demis. Is manifested in a chaotic flame, able to take on any color in existence. Has been compared to [Fate] before, but known to be weaker.


  • Strongest wielder of [Illustrate], leading to him being worshiped as a Deity.
  • Is best known for the utilization of [Illustrate] in the weaving and maintaining of a [Tale], extremely popular among all beings in the [Dream]. Attribute that lead to his title.
  • Has been rumored to be an advocate of [Cursed], though no traces of such a thing have been found in [Dream].

Nature: Calm yet crazy, has a hard time focusing on others due to his extreme focus on [Tale]. In his rare moments of lucidity, has seen to be very easy going and fun to be around, easily being the center of conversation.


  • N/A (claims no need for weapons when asked)

Favorite Pastime: Physically screwing over the main character found in his [Tale].

Fun Facts:

  • Is always mistaken for a female
    Has lied about being male
    Gender unknown
  • Is in close relation with each [Deity], occasionally wielding great powers due to a [Deity] granting them.

Damn so this must be some androgynous being of which who has created a magnificent story. I wonder who it is.

What is this pokemon?

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