Forumer influx

goddamn a lot of new people here

or rather a lot of active people

pretty pog if you ask me :nod:

wait till ao :niceman:

the day the forum reaches 50 concurrent forumers i shall rest peacefully

New AO forum members using their nearly detonated phones to post how laggy and good AO is

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…or how much of a bust it might be

coughes in CP2077

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CP2077 was so buggy that it got deleted off the PS4 store

ngl people pressured for a release tho

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relatable considering its been hyped up for like 7 years

at least the story and OST is good

OST is nothing short of a banger, plus the customisation is… unique

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nice genita-

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Heyy, I’m there!

Oof I’m not even there ;(

Woah, its me
Pretty cool

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Isnt this like the usual during peak hours hehe.

tfw peak hours is early night for EST


It’s 12:41 am for me rn

I’m not on there :(((
probably cause I don’t stay up till 5am anymore