Forumers question

forumers, what are some of the wildest stories you had?

Am I allowed to break Earth’s terms of service?

I had two conversations about the game Changed within hours of each other in places not relevant to furries (forums and a discord server) and they were not connected occurrences

I accidentally got abandoned by my parents.

Basically, my parents were preparing to leave my grandma’s place, packing things up to the car and etch but they forgot about me… Soo, when my uncles, grandma and aunties give them goodbyes as they leave, I was just behind them and they didn’t even notice me.

Soo enough, they notice me but my parents were already on the road, unaware that they forgot their child.

I don’t know what happened but one of uncles or aunties called my parents or my parents notice that I’m not in the car.

I remember vaguely the car close to my grandma’s house and my mother hurriedly rush towards me.

I had something similar happen to me except that it was even worse

We were on vacation in Austria of all places, and we were going to skip like 4 hours of riding through the mountains by taking a train that also carries your car along. We were there with our cousins, and my aunt told me to take a piss before we left the apartment.

I was probably really invested in that piss, because I apparently didn’t hear a group of 9 people leaving through the door right next to me (with suitcases and fully packed bags). Anyway, I exit the toilet and I’m alone in the house. I look around, and the first thing that comes up to me is that they were pulling a prank on me.

I look through the entire house, occasionally saying things like “I found you this time” and “you guys can come out now, it isn’t funny anymore”

It was only like 10 minutes later that I finally broke and pulled out my phone to call them. They were standing in line for the train with the cars. Both my sister and my brother were in the backseat of our car, and they apparently didn’t notice how I was missing despite me being the one to sit in between both of them

Well eventually they got back to the apartment and we all got on the train together, but this is the story of how 11 year old me was almost abandoned at an apartment somewhere in the Austrian mountains for 8 hours

wake up guys

I got expelled one time when I was in the 8th grade, which was right before COVID happened so that wasn’t a fun time.

There was also the time my half-blind step-grandfather tried to snipe some lady and her child across the street with a shotgun. Luckily nothing happened but like bruh, did he really expect to get a clean hit when one of his eyes isn’t working?

and with a shotgun of all things like why not use a hunting rifle or something (He tried to snipe various members of our family at night before but we forgive him now).

bro got the american spirit in himself

Yeah, bro is like a real-life Borderlands character with like 200 guns of different rarities.