Forums, teach me how to make weaponry

so i’ve just inherited this nokia, how do i go about turning it into a blunt weapon? guide me on how to create the nokia hammer from arsenal if any of you guys know how to do so

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oh i put the meme tag but this is not a joke i will actually do it if instructed

finger reveal

just fucking hit someone with it

s’not that hard man

but i wanna make a hammer out out of it :saint:

shut up you don’t have that sort of materials just glue it to the end of a stick or something


heck just throw it at people

kill em instantly

Want a pipebomb? Don’t ask us somebody got banned over that? As a blunt weapon, that thing is a literal brick.



Tie it on a stick.

Voila! Now go kill stuff via blunt trauma

Attach it to a rope for a morningstar


Legend has it if you drop it from orbit you can cause an extinction event…

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Nah mate, use it as a shield

put it in a sock, instakill sock mace


of you buy cement or something you could use that to stick it on a stick

+20 morale