"Fractured Timeline" Ch. 1: Butterfly Effect

The void, said to many to be an empty space of null, an unescapable anomaly, even said to be a sentient and malicious force that intentionally steals the lives of humans and even…our unfortunate protagonist.

A body floated hopelessly and drained of any life to the point you wouldn’t consider the body to even had life before. The eyes, blanked of any color and just white, cuts and scars all the other the body that had dried up into crimson streaks.

Another body, appearing to be the same person appeared in the void, it had the same robes as the previous body, except it was headless, the head itself floating with the corpse close by. This cycle continued, more and more corpses of the same person were floating in a dark, purple misty limbo.

…It was littered with the bodies of the same person from various universes at the end, there was an infinite amount of corpses of a wizard floating in a dead-space, one of the bodies was still conscious, groaning in pain, he saw a portal and hovered towards it and then…

A wizard screamed, sitting upon his bed so face he went light-headed, covering his face in anxiety.

“Good evening, Master Walten.”
An apprentice of the wizard opened the door with tea, walking towards his master.

“Erm…i don’t remember you as my student…”
Finley fearfully spoke.

“Had trouble sleeping?”
The apprentice handed the cup to his hands.

“My name is…Finley…not Walten”

Finley immediately grabbed the cup and chugged it as if he were a man who walked five days alone in a dessert with nothing but dehydrating honey to keep him satisficed.

“Uah, that’s hot!”
Finley wiped his mouth and handed the cup back.

“As it should be…”
The Apprentice shaked his head and placed the tray down onto a table.

“So…may i know what my master was dreaming about?”
He spoke again.

“No, it is not of your concern, who are you?”
Finley got up from his bed wearing pink underwear.

“…What happened last night?”
Finley confusingly stared down and looked up at his Apprentice.

“The women from last night…she, yeah, anyway-”
The Apprentice Evan chucked robes and boots other to his master and left the room.

“Excuse me…what?”
Finley spoke to himself and blaming his possible drinking habits.

-30 minutes later-

Finley would be within a Therapists hut.

“How did you look when you were born?”
The man spoke while Finley laid on a wooden chair.

“Brown hair…freckles, green eyes, my name is Finley but everyone keeps calling me a different name every time i wake up from a vision or some shit.”
Finley replied.

“And now your eyes are yellow and your hair is black?”
The Therapist replied.

“Take a look for yourself!”
Finley got up and yelled.

“Please…stay seated.”
He lightly touched him and calmed him down.

“When did these dreams started happening?”
He questioned.

“Ever since my master gave me that amulet, i’ve been having dreams about myself dying and waking up with a slightly different body, it was me…but different.”
Finley answered.

“My friends, parents, everything changes, i’m scared, they still remember me, but i’m like a different version of myself everytime i wake up!”
Finley teared up.

“Are you sure it’s dreaming…or telling the future?”
The Therapist leaned closer.

"…I would know, i feel like i’m in an endless vision, where it never ends, when the fuck will i wake up?!
Finley shaked his head in confusion.

“Sir, you are awake, you’re just troubled-”
The Therapist tried speaking.

“This is goddamn ridiculous, you’re not helping me!”
Finley stormed out of the room and walked out of the building.

“Let’s go.”
Finley spoke to his Apprentices, who had different names walked down the town which was strangely called “Hundborne”

“Any plans for today?”
One of new and unknown students, Yavin who wore very similar wizard robes to his master, implying he was more advanced than the other.

“I am suppose to pay respects to my master today, as it is the fifth anniversary of his sacrifice of closing the chaotic timeline breach.”
Finley spoke an amulet that emanated a more blueish color rather than a purple one.

“This is the one thing that stays with me and stays the same every vision…”
Finley looked at it.

“That’s strange…”
Finley and his students took a while as they looked at the amulet.

“Does that mean anything?”
The other student Callin fearfully spoke.

“Urm…threat not.”
Finley nervously placed it back into his pocket and continued the walk to the Cemetery.

Since last year, the gates had been very worn down, perhaps a sign of under payment and thus no weekly maintenance.

The trio continued walking past several tombs and gravestones of many deceased humans and wizards alike.

After two more minutes they made it to the end of the trail, where they all kneeled down at the grave.

“The timeline remains to be kept in check, there has been no physical altercations to the amulet…”
Finley spoke to the confused reactions to his students, but they would brush it off.

“But if you can tell me…what is happening to my body…please do!”
Finley yelled.

Finley felt a familiar magical presence, such power…yet it wasn’t alive.

“Look ou-”
Finley yelled as he felt a magical attack charging from below the soil.

They were all knocked back as a zombified Master Nelok crept out of the hole.

Immediately, Nelok used his telekinesis to pull Finley towards him and bite him.

Finley screamed as he fell onto the floor as his skin and eyes turned grey, he too would become a zombie.

Finley blanked out and when we awoken, he noticed his robes had changed colors, as it as red and purple rather than grey, he felt less drunk than usual and his hair was red instead of black, and the gravestones were completely different, even his students were missing.

He saw he was in the same situation as before he would be bitten, this time, he flew high into the air, evading the zombies attack.

The zombie growled as he shot magma magic at Finley.

Finley countered this by summoning a wall of Ice, the magma slowly melting the wall down.

Finley was in shock, having the magic type of ice when he previously had fire.

Finley leaped over the wall and began blasting several rounds of sharp ice blasts.

The zombie, despite heavy decomposition sprinted to a tree, evading each shard of ice.

Finley raced over to the tree and looked behind it to see the zombie gone.

“Come out Master, give your student a hug, it’ll be a whole lot more than what my father did, heck he might even be alive all of a sudden with all the shit that has happened to me.”
Finley bambled on.

He then heard rustling in a tree and before he could blast the zombie, he would be blasted by magma.

Finley screamed in pain as it tore through his robes and melted into his chest.

He fell down to the floor, heavily injured.

Amazingly, he did not automatically die, his body in his dream was much weaker than would have died of the burning.

The zombie hurled another blast of Magma at Finley.

“Ice Blast!”
Finley and the Zombie’s magic both clashed, creating a huge heap of steam.

When the steam from the clash ended, the Zombie jumped on Finley by surprise and pinned him onto the ground, the zombie yelled as it would bite down until, a shard blade pierced right through it’s abdomen, greyish blood spattering all over Finley’s robes.

“Ah, FUCK-”
Finley yelled in disgust.

The blade then dragged out of the wound to the left side, leaving an open gash that only continued spilling blood.

“You could get him off of me first!”
Finley pushed the corpse of his old master off him.

Finley stood back up with the guard who killed the zombie, now being able to process what happened.

“Didn’t he kill me?”
Finley confusingly stared of what seemed to be a vision.

“Excuse me Harold?”
The guard spoke to Finley.

“My name is…”
Finley raised an eyebrow.

When Finley looked down at the Amulet, he saw a crack.

“What on earth is happening? I need to find Talia.”
Finley spoke, flicking the blood off his chest tried teleporting.

“That’s odd…”
Finley spoke.

“You need a lift?”
The guard directed his hand to a Horse-drawn Carriage.

Finley walked off to the carriage, observing the bizarre town of ‘Hundborne’ was instead called ‘Veinom’

“Got 75 galleons?”
The Coachman, hunched over looked at Finley.

“You mean Crowns?- Anyway, i don’t think i-”
Finley searched his pockets to find 900 galleons in there.

“Why do i bother questioning it?”
Finley simply handed over the Galleons.

“To Peinlare.”
Finley sat down.

“That’s not a town, you dog.”
The Coachman laughed.

“Can you take me to someone named Taila?”
Finley pleaded, hoping they knew who she was.

“Auhhh, alright champ, sit back and enjoy the ride.”
The Coachman whipped the horses, going into motion.


Finley, fairly old? Yes. Wise? Not really. While he graduated fairly fast by the teachings of Nelok, he mostly excelled in magic combat, instead of further enhancing his potential, he simply continued to lazily live his life, hitting on girls, losing them, drinking, he messed up his life a whole great deal.

His master, Nelok, was part of a magical war where dark wizards attempted to open up the vast multiverse, to rule over the world, the battle ended when he created an amulet that would not only close it off, but also grant other powers Finley had no idea about.

Even since then, he couldn’t tell what is real or not.

-To be Continued-


Confusing? That’s the point and if i pull this off, the story should come full circle xD

Is he perhaps mentally-ill? Or is there some other supernatural element kicking in?

Such a bizzarro and intriguing protagonist, not the hero the multiverse needs or deserves, it just what it has.

Can’t wait to continue this series, introduce new characters, creatures and more!

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to submit characters to the series, the big arse multiverse would not be shy to include your character :+1:

always nice to see new writers popping up

idk if this is supposed to be related to arcane, but non-related bits of writing can’t go in general


Oh yeah, it is related to Arcane, just a bit of a twist with the concept of multiverses

Now then. I use my special magic called “White-eyes” (it shoots white-eye sharks out of your hands to attack your enemy) on Finley.

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I was afraid it’d be too short xD

Words weird and out of place, let’s use it :rofl:

I decided to go through the story again and do some very much unneeded nitpicking,

I feel like you probably could’ve cut out the last part of the sentence, as that can be implied. You shouldn’t lead the reader on for too much

You never mentioned there being specifically three students

Are zombies an established thing in this world? This kind of came out of nowhere, and in the arcane universe, only one very powerful magic item has been known to resurrect the dead?

I get what you were going for, but this is worded weridly. Maybe something like
“Finley was surprised when ice came out of his circle, he could’ve sworn he was using fire yesterday.”

Overall an interesting story, I’m interested in seeing what happens. Also, I didn’t highlight them, but you forgot to capitalize I a lot. S

two students and Finley
that makes 3