"Fractured Timeline" Prologue [Horror, Adventure, Action]

The thought of the universe always existing confuses so many people, knowing that the world had always existed or was conjured by out of nothing or a being above all is a concept humans and even wizards do not understand.

The very imagining of alternate timelines and universes fascinates myself and so many others, it’s always curious to think that you are just one of infinite different versions of yourself, perhaps you’re a man or women in one, human, animal or a different species of humanoid that will be explored in this series which will span for 2 seasons.

With so many different and unique universes, you can expect some to have some where the only difference was you did not brush your teeth on a particular day, or you failed a single test question and that alone opens up a new branch of an altered future, but that’s just small cases, there can be much worse…much, much worse.

The first chapter will be released shortly, any thoughts and suggestions for this story would not be under looked and may even be an essential part of this story, feel free to submit characters or even yourself into your story.

!This story will contain swearing and descriptive violence/gore!


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Hope you will enjoy the upcoming series :grin: