Free to use sea maps

Hiya, I photoshopped together some maps of the two sea’s because I don’t see a lot of maps

Bronze sea:

Nimbus sea:

Edit: Originally this was a post for all the diving spots but their randomly generated so I’m a moron lol, but these maps are still useful for anyone

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they’re randomly generated in every server

Oh really? Because it’s the same in every server I go in. The map I have doesn’t change.

Structure locations seem to be consistent. For example, the Cernunno/Talos structures should exist at pretty much every server. There tend to be two structures at the northwestern part as well. I learned this from Luck parties.

I think there are more than 20 spawn locations (for some variety) but likely no more than 30 total.

Yeah there’s 20 for each sea iirc. Edited the post so now it’s just a normal map lol. I thought that a lot of these structures were the same.

Would be cool if there were two types of map, one is the entirety of the war seas, showing every seas and the condition they are in and the other is the regional map, a more detailed version of the sea you are currently in.

I did think about photoshopping these two map’s together, and then maybe annotating them separately showing spawns for NPC’s and such

You could glue them together at mount othrys

that’s what I was thinking lol

that might work but might not since mount othrys is slightly stretched horizontally on the nimbus sea map, or it’s squashed vertically

Yup I’m trying to do it now and the mountain doesn’t line up, Im going to try my best but its doing my head in


Made new maps and used em:

absolutely not perfect, but I did my best


Nice! This turned out great

Lmao, these Dark Sea borders looks cursed as hell.

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honestly this makes me excited to see what a merged image of every sea is gonna look like when the game is finished

I tried my best sobbing
the way these seas are positioned are fucked

Is the nimbus sea map squished? I noticed that mount othrys looked a bit squished in the nimbus sea compared to the bronze sea so i edited mount othrys from nimbus to fit the one in the bronze sea to sort of scale everything to look better and this is what it looks like.

that image does look a bit different than my og image, the file I sent was 1920x1071, this one is 650x664. idk what’s up with it but its a diff dimension for your file

But now the rest of the nimbus sea islands are stretched

i rushed it in google slides LOL so it doesnt look good