Fresh Servers are AO's Heaven

In the last 200 hours of the game I played since launch, I have experienced fresh servers only a few times. Three times when I logged in at the games official launch with the 5 person cap, and once by chance otherwise. It is almost sad to see how barren the game is otherwise.

The one visit I had recently to a fresh server was especially nice. Vetex and testers CLAIM the servers run fine after staying alive for extended time, but I see the cracks in design. For one, as many pointed out, Whirlpools don’t exist past the servers first 30~ish minutes. Pirate/Navy ship spawns still work but they become incredibly scarce, where at the launch of a server you can set sail from Ravenna in four different directions with a full 18 person server and just about everyone gets a single ship to themselves.

As well, weather conditions also seem more common. I don’t often run into storms nowadays on the mostly old servers.

I get that it’s by design the servers are usually supposed to have less ships and sea monsters after launch, but I miss those chaotic early days when I could barely leave frostmill without two pirate ships deciding to nuke my sailboat. Nowadays I have to travel for a few minutes to find pirates if I wanna hunt em, and I have only seen one whirlpool and fought one lurker.

Oh and speaking of sharks- they are everywhere on fresh servers too. I was able to EASILY go sea monster hunting whenever I wanted for the first 50~ odd minutes of the servers lifetime. Even got a poison tooth dagger and two white eyes scales. Fresh servers they just… there’s something special about em.


I’m wondering how object-management works over time - i.e., if trees keeps dropping coconuts, there would be truly huge piles in some places. Some places, some islands, regularly have beaches that have 10-20 objects on them, and I’m guessing them haven’t been visited for a while. So old servers have some advantages if you remember to go to some unloved places!

But does this mean… that when objects pile up in some areas, they necessarily drop less in other areas? I.e., is there a total-free-objects limit, so that once there are too-many objects, it slows down other pages of an old server?

they mean by theres no frame drop if a server is left on its own with no players

yea those are bugged

psure they scale with amount of players, and preset spawns when a server starts

maybe all weather events are bugged?

yea i think those are also scaled with players


New servers are really nice to me since they usually mean less lag all around.

I am not 100% on the ships and sharks being scaled with player count/level or anything like that. Actually, I did notice during the player server period that the ships were generally lower level, but they were still great in quantity, as were sharks. We were attacked by a white eyes or poison jaws on every server at frostmill in our first few days (the ‘we’ and ‘our’ being me and my friends in this case)

what? that’s the most idiotic “design” i’ve ever heard of

It’s to balance out the population, both for FPS for people with worse pcs and for new players to not run into pirates and sea monsters every 2 feet since they don’t have the means to deal with either.

bullshit at the start i always saw the boats but was basically never in danger, people just suck.

and getting more fps is goddamn simple: shutdown server after some number of hours, gawddamn. also memory leak fix but yeah.

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