From Whence They Came [ Compilation Of Chapters ]

Heya guys, Dogleg here. Just as what the title says, this is the compilation of chapters of “From Whence They Came”. It’s a story that im planning on creating as a webnovel and pretty much im starting from small platforms to see how well it’ll be received by a small audience before I publish it on a more popular site with an even better way to tell it as a story. So dont be shy on telling me the things that I need to improve since that’ll be nice to hear!


The moon was shattered by an unknown light and pieces of it started falling to earth. It left a huge impact on humanity to the point they will never ever forget it in history. A tragedy that killed almost every human on earth, and how it gave birth to change once more as monsters started showing up and taking over lands while “humans” live underground. Liqua, aspiring to be a hunter has finally become one of them and ventured the apocalyptic surface.


Prologue: The Ending And Start Of A New World


Reverse Undertale :flushed:

Fr tho, interesting concept, great story execution and writing.

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That’s glad to hear. Im a fan of post-apocalyptic world genres you see, along with humans struggling to live after a disaster that made them almost extinct, so those were pretty much what sparked the creation of the story.

I like apocalypses, so cool. Sort of confusing though, but that’s because i am bad at understanding stuff.

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