Full Power Build

running this absolutely based sunken build atm

its not funny! i cant be a funny metal user without having a funny build!

okay the actual question
is sorcerer set the best power set in the game atm? and whats a good third accessory? cant have two amulets anymore :sob:
tryna make a max power build and just be a doofus

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why this build looking cancerous to fight :skull:

my sunken build? i do about maybe 230ish with a metal blast and about 288 if theyre crystalized
its not that bad considering weapons and fighting styles have stupidly large aoes

What was ur second magic? or are you a different build?

crystal second mind

Carina Gi and Sorcerer robe both give the same amount of power (21 at lvl 120), im not sure how much calvus’ set gives

are you actually saying a fucking boss drop has the same power as a sorcerer piece

Carina’s set gives both power and attack speed

okay ill have to experiment but im just baffled that a boss drop is better than a sorcerer piece for power

Yeah some of these boss drops are pretty cracked, Argos (probably cernyx too) give the same defense as titanium + a second stat

as they should, they are rare after all

sorcerer sets are rarer than boss drops imo

For full power I’d swap the pauldrons for a powerful arcsphere, 28 power I believe

which set though
carina or calvus

For metal probably calvus

max power build is king calvus top, legs, and crown with fair amulet and arcanium arcsphere

how do you even get that many sunkens what :sob:

that looks awesome

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