Fun fact about mace



they both were fully charged, i did a tap for the T-jump, rapier also had strong enchant while mace didn’t, mace does about 90 more dmg (290 if i remember well) while rapier only did 200, and mace haves a bigger AoE

u can also add swift to make the attack startup mostly the same as rapier

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counterpoint: brutal rush exists on the mace

countercounterpoint: just get better at aiming lol

(in all seriousness tho brutal rush is actually dogshit and seriously needs a buff)

What would happen if you went both mace and rapier?

wont get changed to a grab attack?

Doesn’t axe also have raging impact, along with a very high damage throw ability

Sadly the throw ability has… gravity

throw ability should’ve worked like shot.

I rest my case.

axe main with knight file here, after a while you can actually get used to it, dont really recommend ever using it in pvp but in pve its pretty decent as long as you arent too far away

i agree

My rival uses an axe and it hits really hard

yeah the throw has the highest dmg ( of throwing skills ) i think, bit hard to hit but once it does but it hits hard

most of the time you better off using staff’s e or basically anything else tho, in pvp i dont think you can ( cosistently and effectively ) hit it unless your opponent is predictable as hell

I use axe. Love the arc of the throw. The end lag of the big smash can feel a little slow even with swift.

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