Fun fact: If your last name is Silverthorn your simply better than everyone else

its scientifically proven that if your last name is Silverthorn your 100% guaranteed to be better than all those around you

ok (full sentence)

Yeah I don’t see any evidence going against this. My last name is not Silverthorn and other people around me are better than me.

thats an interesting statment, alfred_roger

why dont you back it up with a source?

the moment i receive this information and knowing my last name is also silverthorn made my skill elavated immensely and now i can farm torren secret boss at dawn island (source: bro trust me)

Silverthorns when the Goldthorn walks in


Goldthorn when Goldthorns walks in

Goldthorns when Platinumthorns walks in

erm gold costs more so goldthorns laughs in the face of platinumthorns

And then Mythrilthorns walk in

All these people arguing about chemicals when Sodium hypobromite walks in

Then Iridium Sulfate walks in to collect the taxes

Chemical discussions when azidoazide azide makes an explosive entrance: