In Rogue Lineage, scrooms consider themselves and their siblings as superior life forms. If you see a scroom careful for that cliff nearby might be the last thing you see before you succumb to the cruel laws of gravity.


Fungfact: Rogue Lineage is a terrible game with an even worse community.


not this discussion again

dude that’s crazy

Can we delete scrooms, people keep calling me that


no scroom

ew a scroom


Stay malding. Not my fault you can’t get over 10 silver cuz you get wiped by anyone near you :man_shrugging:

What are you talking about? I haven’t purchased Rogue Lineage and I never will.

How the fuck you know its a bad game then?

blind hate :neutral_face: don’t knock it till you try it


i agree with you but please don’t try to start drama in a post that doesn’t have anything drama related

I don’t even have enough Robux to purchase the game.

Fun fact: most of the ao/aa community hate rl

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And I don’t want to try Rogue Lineage because randomly gripping people is pretty much mandatory for progression. That huge red flag is enough to deter me from trying the game.

who tf even plays rogue on these forums

me onyx faust… mainly people in guilds.

snap loggus winnin

that doesn’t make it a bad game though lol