Funny bandit names


I have a writing series on the forums called “New”. Some of the characters in the story are called Evandro, Nigel, Damian, and Ella.

So I just bought some robux, and thought, today was the day I would by 3 more files gamepass.
So I did, and made a new wind file. I thought of Nigel since he was a character from ‘New’.
I am stupid, so when I spawned in Riverville, I thought to kill the bandits just outside. The Exiled was also nearby too. As I was killing a bandit, I saw in the chat
Ella was killed by The Exiled
I took some time to laugh as a bandit with a coincidental name died.
I ran past 3 more groups of bandits too. Two of them were called Damian and Evan (which seems just like Evandro but shorter)
I realised this was a curse brought by Vetex.
Then I ended up dying to the bandit called Damian.
Spoiler warning btw

I have new ideas for the series
I got level 10 in under 5 minutes
level 10 0.1 hours


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