Fury of the sea nerf (w)

i cant express how happy i am seeing that nerf

also i keep misspelling it as furry of the sea



The one thing even worse than an atlantean…

I didn’t even encounter it yet, was it that bad that it had to be nerfed twice? (1 was before release)

furry of the sea


Oh god its a Nemean.
The dark sea enemy suggestion I refuse to write.

All I know is that it did massive amounts of damage super fast, along with being massive

i only encountered it once pre nerf and it did 170 x 3 damage to me

is that a discord bot?

i had 1.6k hp and i almost died to one fury of the sea, its bassically pulsar on release expect it can go through walls and scale with size

yes, its in the balance server but i wouldnt be surprise if is also in vetcord

is it possible to be added onto personal servers?

i dont see why not

hmm whats its name

:person_shrugging: honestly i never bothered to look into it or how it works, here is the balance server link
Public Balancing Server | Arcane Odyssey i guess it can help u

seems like its a private bot rip

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