Future Island Design Philosophy

Since we’ve gotten reflexes, combat has been way more fast paced covering more area. I think this should be taken into account for future islands in Nimbus Sea and forward. Ravenna for example can get really claustrophobic in some areas so new islands should have more areas with wide open space

Era of Plains begun!!!

I do think that islands are going to become bigger as more areas get made, because bigger attacks at higher levels and you’re also going to get a lot more agility at later parts of the game, so it wouldn’t make much sense to be able to dash twice and reach the other side of the island

But don’t make them too big

Otherwise it’s gonna get to a point where there’s just boring empty space in between landmarks on an island

I’d love a Whiteridge sort of island with our current mobility

having small areas are good too they require more quicker changes of directions and pretty interesting battles between people who got spacial awareness and sense, larger areas are fun too thoe having a battle where ur chasing someone is can be fun too especially if ur build is made for it with atk spd and agility.

as long as the end spawn for each update is nothing like Ravenna i’m cool

Preferably a place that lets us view our drip without needing to sail 5 miles out from land :sweat_smile: