Game Breaking Bug (Can't post in bug reports yet)

Edit: after joining today it loaded into the main menu… so i selected my main character… and it worked no idea whats going on if you fixed it thank you so much if not then i have no idea

Edit 2: nvm i left and it stopped working again

What is the bug doing: whenever i try to join the game if its the main menu it gets frozen on loading data screen, sometimes it works like it loads but if i try to join my main character it just freezes on the gray screen in between the loading into world screen and the game i joined on my 2nd character and that worked so it seems to only be my main character

What were you doing before bug occurred: Cutscene of listening into the centurion quarters was glitching and frozen so i left and rejoined

Steps to reproduce: i have no idea because i can’t rejoin

F9 Logs:


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