Game glitch

find the stolen heirloom by completing treasure charts

LOL… I think his problem is something else.

Known issue, for some reason deckhands cannot combine multiple stacks of one item, sometimes.

“I asked for 11 books and you gave me 7 and 3 and 1! I can’t do anything with this”

deckhands cant combine stacks, and more often than not theyll focus on some niche small stack thats at the top of your inventory even if you have a stack big enough below
in that situation you should sell all stacks except one, ideally keeping the one without an original owner

remember kids, dont slack off in math class or im dragging you into the dark sea with me

If you do not learn simple addition you will be subjected to horrors beyond your comprehension. (this also applies to real life)

thank you, you’ll be a very wealthy person one day