Game recommendation that cost less than 15$

Here is my spec

I already knew games like Terraria and Minecraft so please recommend me a game that I can enjoy (suck that 15$ is a lot of money when converted to rupiah)

World of Magic

Am I a joke for you?

deepwoken when that comes out i guess

If you’re talking about Steam games, it’s probably better to save your money until Halloween sale.

Also, it depends on what you like/looking for. Games on Steam that I recommend are:

Bully: Scholarship Edition
Fallout: New Vegas
Enter the Gungeon
Stardew Valley
Tomb Raider (Not sure considering your limited hardware)

Every game I recommended you should last you awhile considering their replayability or length.

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jesus christ

the journey

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Gothic 1 (preferably from GOG - unlike Steam it has the latest patch) and 2,
Fallout 1 and 2,
Rome Total War with expansions,
Team Fortress 2 and Helltaker (both are free on Steam),
Deus Ex,
Atom RPG,
Mount & Blade Warband (just lower your settings, battle size especially),
Mafia 1 and 2 (2 might be too demanding, though),
Call of Juarez Bound in Blood and Gunslinger (cool western shooters),
and what jumbo said.
Most of these games are dirt cheap on G2A, so either buy from there or go with jumbo’s suggestion and wait for big Steam/GOG sales.

considering how i can run it with an i3 and 8gb ram you might be able to run this but i am unsure
also the base game is $20 and i realise that now, thought it was $10 but i forgot i got it half price

anyway point being, it has a free trial so you could try it out
final fantasy xiv

uhh hollow knight is $14.99 if you like exploration kinda hard (AAAA PURE VESSEL) combat though its like 3 years old soooo idk

it don’t have to be a new game
it just have to cost 15$ or less

If you’re into Shoot Em’ Ups, I recommend a game called Eshcatos. 15 USD on the dot for the game itself.

Well which genre?

it can be anything aslong it’s not something sexual

I mostly looking for a game that has many replayability other than GTA SA

Well I’d say you get hollow knight, a pretty great game and has decent replayability and challenge.