Game recommendation: Voxlblade

I’ve been kinda dead when it comes to being active on the fourms plus I get forced to log out after awhile when on the fourms using my phone.(wouldn’t be surprised if I lost my regular too) Saw some peeps recommend games on the fourms awhile back (I forgot who) So I decided to do mine.

Voxlblade seems to be a pretty good rpg on roblox imo. When you first start the game you can choose a variety of races with unique stats that will be important in the future.You the player apparently have one of the very few swords in existence left so you take on quests lvl up. Go and choose your own class and join a guild once you reach a certain level and explore. I definitely recommend trying it out it seems fun.

Ye I just got into it, it’s decent. Tho I chose the dagger path without knowing :frpensive: ah well i’ll just have to suck it up

Edit: Restarted and took the magic sword path. Liking the game so far!

Currently lvl 9 I’m a draco blood so I have to check my skin color on what path I should take. Also the whole no natural regen will probably be a pain in the ass at some point lol.

it’s definitely a good game to burn your time on if there’s nothing else to play. i literally killed like 3 days of my life just watching one piece and playing voxlblade

also as a bonus witherald reached level 60 today and got a pog v-formation pic :nod:


Seems like a decent game for now, played for the past few days.

It’s kinda boring cuz I’m grinding at like lvl23 and I’m probably doing it the most suboptimal way by repeating the drone quest but idk.
I also picked dagger, which I don’t get why it is so bad, and a magenta dragon blood so I can’t go draco cuz it’s a magic type.

I might just reset, because it seems I made some bad choices, but I’ll think about that.
(Help me please, idk what to do lmao)

Yeah I’m pretty sure your supposed to move on to a different area to grind lol

I am still a normal sword user that needs 3 more woofs.

My only gripe with voxel blade is that is suffers from the same problem as WoM;

Walking simulator.

Game slows down the further you get, but a decent timesink anyways!

It seems this game is popping up on everyone’s radar lately, this game is fun and I HIGHLY recommend playing it without knowing anything about it. thinking the game only has 1-2 areas, and then finding another is great

Late reply but whatever.

I tried, but the drone quests seems to give the most xp of all the repeatable quests I could find.
I reset now and got to lvl20 again, might just try some other quest like the frogs, or idk what else there is rn, might be easier to find frogs or at least I might be more efficient at killing things now.

Also, @anon70689050, getting around can be a hassle especially if you’re low on health which slows you down considerably.
The best you could do is get a buni set enchanted with buni fur which gives +50% speed and equip that anytime you need to just get from one place to another, but not for fighting cuz it give -a lot of defence.
That is if the rng is merciful, because I just killed ~80 bunis before getting the legs to complete the set, and it was excruciating.

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who asked

this video is just insistic with skill issues :troll:

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Anyone found the void cliff? I just saw a friendly iron slayer inside.

I wish I told you earlier but the swamp area is great for grinding got to lvl 20 in a couple hours.

That’s not a good thing…
I got to level 20 in like an hour through just bunnies… Getting bunny armor while doing bunny quests, then doing Dire bunnies after getting regular bunny armor, then doing Bees after you used the Dire bunny quest up.

Already went there, I got to lvl 20 through bunis though because I wanted a buni set for running around. Took too much time and the consequence was levelling up.
But yeah swamp is great, got to 30 pretty quickly through doing frogs while waiting for the lilimonsters and gators which got me the bulk of the way there.

Now I’m at 32 contemplating on what to do next, since I just finished genocide on the new player population for that gladiator armour.

I tried snoehares but those are kinda too hard cuz I suck, and I didn’t find the winter woof quest guy yet so I didn’t even try those yet.
Queen bee seems decent, it’s just super annoying when she summons drones 3 times in a row, but other times I can easily solo her.