Gamehero14 Draws Abs

You see this walking towards you in a dark alleyway, what do you do?

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Drew this as a redraw of one of my characters while it’s better in terms of technical skill, I don’t particularly love the outfit and the lack of energy.

Ocea Twalk

Along with the weapon she uses. A Farath blade called a Shalve, which curves outwards, operating a bit like a warpick mixed with a sword.

Fun fact—this actually used to be a full character sheet but I goofed when I copied and cropped it. Thus, her alternative outfit was lost.


I’m back guys, and I did cook up something. Namely, I drew my three characters for a friend’s project called Stargazer. Note that while the characters are mine, I’m not fully responsible for the lore.

Lemme give a quick rundown of each character—

Grant (leftmost)
Grant is a human blessed by fate. The omniscient being called the Writer made a bargain with Grant to journey and become renowned, as a trade-off for the Writer re-writing events to save Grant’s life. Grant remembers none of this, as nobody remembers their encounter with He Beyond Fate, but ventures on nevertheless, seemingly prodded on by destiny. I admit this character was more or less a test of the lore for the Writer, hence the simplicity.

Valkira (center)
Val is a Jakar (else called an Infernus) who once served in the Legion of Ignis; the military of the Jakar empire. While physically strong, Valkira’s skillset laid primarily in engineering and backlines shooting. Yet she never had the stomach for warfare—especially given the legion’s brutality—and deserted. Unfortunately for her, most don’t take kindly to Jakar as a whole, even those who leave the empire.

Yulin (rightmost)
Ignore the freaky smile. Yulin is a Polis (else called a Frigidus), who is not-so-slowly dying to the curse placed upon the Polis for their dabbling in magic: the Curse of Livictus. Yulin was unfortunate, and received the swiftest version of the curse, designed by her markings being tinted red. This indicates that she is abnormally powerful in magic, but lacks durability and will suffer a short lifespan—one which ends ere 30 years. Despite this, she is optimistic; not for a cure to her curse, but rather that she can have a fulfilling life nevertheless.


Okay, so. The month of June is here, and ya’ll know what that means?

Pride month? Well yeah, that, but it also means that summer is officially here! And with summer comes hot weather, and with hot weather comes a want to go outside for some bizarre reason. And uh, with that want… people like, want to go to places with lots of sand.

… where I’m going with is: I’m currently working on drawing the cast on the beach. Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen: we’re doing a beach episode! Complete with fanservice fan-favorites like Edward Kenton and Dame Caesennia (acko’s no longer around so someone’s gotta draw her).

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Okay, only like two people read this topic anymore, but I did some 90-second pose studies a while back and it’s content so ig I’ll post it.


Currently drawing my character from Globelore II.
She’s terminally depressed☺️

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Okay, nobody sees this anymore, but here’s my Globelore II character. The new art style is somewhat reminiscent of Arcane (befitting as both settings are steampunk-esque), and I wanted to ask how ya’ll felt about it. So uhhh, ig here’s another worthless forum poll.

What do ya’ll think of the artstyle?
  • I really like it!
  • It’s good. Needs more abs.
  • Eeehhh…
  • Stop drawing and stick to writing Zelda fanfic.
  • Let’s make out.
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This option is reserved to rb1

Nah, it’s for anyone who wants to press it.

I use it to track who needs a break from the forums.