Ganker kid

Some kid thought he was being funny by ganking me while I was fishing. He used three spells on my before I died. He was an aoe metal mage who dealt 500 damage per hit. He tried to do it again after I went back to fishing but I combat logged on him this time. I lost three galleons and I don’t care about bounty. I swear I just lost what little respect I had for the playerbase

I joined a different server and some other people tried to gank me. Just let me fish man

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have you tried fishing in the flooded caves of ravenna? barely anyone knows of them and fewer people know how to get there

Even better is the small little cave near the surface of Mount Othrys right after the titan caverns. That’s my go to spot for fishing

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some more secluded fishing spots:

inside the cave in windrow
inside the small cave in mango isle
inside the frostmill cave
elm island
anywhere in insanity 1+ dark sea

I’ll give you my PERFECT spot. Go to the pelion rift, find a cliff, enjoy your peace

or get your ship and sit at that corner

Truly a tragedy

Got their username?

Mango and elm island appreciatation :pray:

Username? would be a fun hunt

My username?

no the guy who hunted you

oh i didnt get the username unfortunatly

do you have their IP address atleast?

I wish :sob:

There is a cave on shell island as well, people coming to bounty hunt you probably wouldnt go in

Also the Epicenter.

Okay I’m joking