Gear builder is pretty cool anyways rate this general usage build

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mediocre (who tf runs 2 warding 0 insanity???)

people who want to visit the fifth range

replace warding with the other exotic defense enchant (idk the name)

why the fuck do you have 2 warding LOL

2 warding for nothing
shit build kill y(the joke is very funny)

i fucking hate insanity 1 illusions thats why theres warding

Unless you plan on going to the dark seas with this build, there’s no need for warding.


drawback won’t be a problem if you can actually land your shots, and it’s likely getting reworked in the next update too (1 drawback = 1% of your max hp)

I’d suggest replacing one warding scroll with an armored scroll.

I would make this build but sac some power for more agility and and throw on atleast one atlantean essence or 2