Gem crafting and jewel blah blah

What the hell is this

Are we becoming Theos now and crafting the ultimate weapons with gems and stuff

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Jewel socket system? This seems like you put gems on weapons or something else to buff them?

can’t believe ao is copying wizard 101 smh my head

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is this from hogwarts legacy??? lol

anyway, imo it would be weird? we already have enchantments

enchantments are mostly just stat changers (like terraria reforges), maybe gems are gonna have unique effects on the items we put them on (like deepwoken enchants, or maybe pilgrammed gems)

though i wonder if this means we will add special gems to weapons that we obtain or we will be able to create weapons with gems in them? this might take longer to do if its the latter

If it’s what I’m thinking, then it’ll be a very interesting feature

literally most MMOs have this

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I am pretty sure it’s us adding gems to stuff


hopefully its not just stat changes, and if it IS, then hopefully not just plain ones, cuz

it did say it may take too long, so im optimistic its something new

I really hope that whatever this system is, it isn’t exclusive to the weapons class and its hybrids.

It would make the most sense if these gems could be socketed onto any piece of equipment a player could have just so weapons wouldn’t have an advantage over the other builds

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custom weapons confirmed?

but I’m more hopping for larger ships like the frigate down the line and the dark sea.

that would be cool as shit as like a side quest that lets you craft your own special weapon

maybe it’s like lost spell scrolls you get a new technique or attack.

trove enjoyers:

would be cool if it was like statuses or smthn

Reminds me of the bloodgem system from bloodborne hehe.

Deep ge-

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