Gem socketing

On the First Updates page of the Trello:

“Gem crafting and jewel socket system (may be moved to a different update if this set of things takes too long, since I want to start the Dark Sea soon after potions)”

i know, but i dont understand what it does

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None of us do.

but yall are talking about some stat boosts

i’m just predicting/spitballing

Yeah basically just that tbh, that is if vetex is using the same gem socketing feature as most mmorpgs which is a high chance considering the game is basically somewhat an mmorpg

I kinda imagined jewel socketing would be like how it works in pilgrammed, where you get them killing strong bosses and then can apply them to your weapons or equipment.

Pilgrammed reference oh my goodness

It’s a more common system in some other RPGs/MMORPGs that involves further specialization in customizing and honing the strength of you armor.

You can likely apply gems to your armor in-game that gives them a further buff to their capabilities. Not stat increases, but passive effects, such as Ultimate Art Cooldown Reduction (not sure what gem this is on, but practically confirmed by the v1.12 balance doc’s comments on Intensity). Other examples could be Decreased Stamina Usage, Increased Magic Energy Regen, and more. They would likely be based on percentage rather than flat values like enchants, as they will likely not scale with level.


I just want to have it for that juicy drip.

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Ult Art cd reduction on Intensity has been a thing for months, it just reduces it so little it’s nearly unnoticeable.

Damn just noticed it saying gem only, interesting

I hope gem socketing has a gem that only I can have that multiplies my power 5 times making me do 1500 damage a hit :+1::pray::pleading_face:

what if you can swap out the gems on the amulets :flushed:


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Nah bro sonic really went out collecting all the emeralds when he could have just bought them :money_with_wings:.

if you know what this is you a real one


where can i find that? on the trello theres just the recent v1.11 changes and nothing in them that have to do with intensity, what is this referring to

found here:

heres the link directly to the doc

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I never got selling full price stuff for quick money tbh, you can grind bosses or ships for money and you only lose gallons above 1K on death.
The amount of cannonballs you get from sealed chests is more then enough imo.