Arcane Odyssey v1.12 Balancing Changes WIP

Note: Things can be changed as ideas are put there often. Just discuss issues you have, nothing wrong with feedback that can be adjusted.



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Just a pre-warning to think before u respond I know for a fact a lot of people are gonna be crying about reasonable changes just because popularity creates misconceptions (e.g. the idea that Boxing is somehow OP)


I was actually thinking about this the other day, I waved it off though since I thought it might already be too easy to get/keep meter for thermo and Sailor’s. I can really see it helping with making intensity more worth it though

Potential bleedstack return :eyes:
nice for glass to have more individuality

These are really cool concepts, even more individuality between builds hooray

I’m begging for it

Yeah I think this is what a lot of people expected cannon fist to do, and were pretty disappointed when it wasn’t much more than a black aura

Loving these ideas too

Overall looking forward to all the balancing, v1.10.99 was really hype so this probably will be too


Some of these changes were already considered so expect them to be added at some point, particularly the warlock change and potentially the warrior change as well.


wind pulsar should be nerfed so that pulsar doesnt share wind’s knockback capabilities. please do not let victims get sent 15 ft into the air helplessly


Increase Pulsar cooldown by atleast like 33%


I feel like the Shot skill on fighting styles should get a slight damage buff, rn it feels really underwhelming


shot should be focused on being a poke as fstyles should be leaned towards close range. it received some nerfs throughout testing
pulsar idk about cd prob should be focused on the attack itself such as frame data, dmg, size, pulse, etc.

Personally I think Shot is fine as is since it’s supposed to be your poke tool, not a main source of damage.

Our current plans for Berserker is to make your close-range options actually feel effective cuz rn u just eat damage for trying to approach.

Also just in-case you never realized (because it was never made explicitly clear) Shot deals -50% damage if it doesn’t directly hit an object/player and just explodes in the air.


The only thing i don’t like here is that intensity no longer increases rubble size, meaning my glass with obscenely large rubble build will no longer work

I’ll consider a Shot buff though since all the power nerfs that got added made it indirectly weaker (a lot of Shot’s damage comes from power enchant since it has higher scaling)

I didn’t know about the -50% detail on shot, but i had noticed some inconsistencies in the damage, that explains it.

I just hope that the buff on crash makes going close range actually worth it, cause i have seen some mages using ultimate art explosions with ridiculous AoE that deal 500+ damage with little to no risk involved, while berserkers struggle to get the same performance while the risk is all the way up to the roof

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Yeah, it feels super frusturating when I’m fighting a boss and I use Crash and suffer consequences.

It’s to the point that Rushdown is literally better against bosses than Crash is because it doesn’t stop you after you hit them and you deal similar damage.

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Who’s writing this doc? You need some help
50% damage buff because someone got hemorrhaged? Yea ok
Glass speed buff by .3 even though AOE (that 1.1 > 1.0 change ain’t doing jack) is nuts as is? Yea ok
and the list goes on


Now you’re tweaking :neutral_face:

Yeah the whole reason the doc is public is so that the community can give feedback bro.

Put Hemorrhaged at 50% because all 10 second DoTs deal 50% damage so it’s just the standard number (with the exception of Flare). Could easily be lowered all u need to do is say “that seems a little high don’t u think?”

Glass speed buff idk I’m not in charge of that.


if hemorrhaged is at 50% why isn’t the sharp effect also at 50%

bro said 1.3x speed on glass

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