General Agros' "secret" weapon

I started playing on a second slot as a warlock and I notices something about General Agros’ last stage. He’s using a sword that glows a dark blue color. Is it a devourer? I have no idea what it is.

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Yeah that’s the Cursebane (devourer)

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Thanks for clarifying

Cursebane his Devourer which assumable contained the Cloud curse at the time of his fight with MC.

Mhm, yea it is.

devourers dont contain curses though they just make it so the curses dont fly off to space when using it to kill a curse user

Unless I’ve found a plot hole, that makes no sense.

  • Beringer has cloud curse
  • He is stabbed with devourer
  • After interrogation devourer is removed and he is left to die
  • We fight Argos as Beringer is dying, Argos uses the devourer in this fight.

Why would they remove the devourer if they wanted Beringer to die, unless it had the cloud curse in it? If it only works when the curse user is killed with the sword embedded within them, the Order just lost a perfectly good curse they could have given to an agent.

After looking at the elius cutscene, it does say the curses are absorbed by it, but also says that it will immediately shoot back out right where the user died

so basically, vetex plothole

though beringer was kept alive by a shit ton of medicine so maybe they killed him for the curse, took it away, and used all the potions to revive him

They drugged our man Beringer

isnt that literally what happened cause they gave him a truth serum