General Magic Rant

I’ve been looking at the trello, dev updates, and have played WoM and some of AR. These sources have caused me to fear the magics in ao will just be reskins/ remodels of generic vetex Magic’s just with stat changes. While I do love some of these magics, a lot of them seem like they’re gonna be VERY similar to one another. My fear isn’t spurned from the lack of quality of the magics, they look FABULOUS in the teaser leaks, my fear really only comes from the lack of creativity in each magic concept.

  1. Base magics: considering most of these are the same magics from WoM and AR I’m gonna assume not too much of them will be changed aside from remodels (as shown in leaks) and stat changes
  2. Storm magic: love the concept, hope though that it’s attacks come from the sky or environment rather than from the users hands, otherwise it’s just lighting with a special tornado attack and probably more damage.
  3. Slash magic: No complaints, reminiscent of Jack the Ripper from black clover and would love to see it.
  4. Aether lightning: lightning + explosion… but green.
  5. Poison lightning: lightning + poison… my hope is that this magic has more of a paralyzing affect rather than just dot.
  6. Flare magic: I have no idea what vetex is gonna do with this , has high potential though!
  7. Phoenix magic: please don’t just make the wings only aesthetic, my fear is that the wings will just serve as another area where spells will come out of. (The spells being exactly like fire or explosion)
  8. Aether magic: explosion + light, kinda seems like it could be cool, but just as likely to be generic
  9. Darkness magic: pleeeeeeaaaaseee don’t just be shadow magic but better stats, I’m hoping it focuses on like movement based moves and maybe like buffs when in dark places or at night time.
  10. Sun magic: fire but DoT
  11. Lunar magic: water but dark + bright… I really got no idea what vetex is going for from this description but the concept has a ton of potential, excited to see it!
  12. Healing magic: This is creative compared to WoM magics as this one will probably have completely unique spells and purposes, love it!
  13. Sound magic: love it! I only see ways it can go right.
  14. Diamond magic: crystal (visual and effects)+ metal ( damage and beefiness), it sounds generic but could have cool environmental or damage effects (temporary magic armor?)
  15. Water but better puddles with earth reskin. This one is fine because it seems realistic and not just made to sound cool and edgy.
  16. Wave magic: love the energy drain concept !(don’t know how it pertains to waves though)
  17. Gravity magic: despite being the most excited for this one, it really only describes two of its moves, which by theirselves wouldn’t make a good magic but I know it’s unfinished (they all kinda are) and so more in depth moves will probably be added later. SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS!
  18. Frost metal magic: ice + iron… a lot of possibilities with the effects on enemies though, tons of options vetex could go with.
  19. Blizzard magic: Same thing as storm magic, I fear it’ll just be combinations of wind, ice, and snow coming out of the users hands.
  20. Scorch magic: explosive… but green (maybe acid too?)
  21. Apocalypse bringer: explosion but more. Still a ton of possibilities with this one so don’t really got any worries of it yet.
  22. Inferno magic: fire but blue
  23. Blaze magic: lighting + realistic lightning + fire
  24. Shatter basic: Super interested in this one, concept is awesome and can’t wait to see it im game, very creative!
  25. Death magic: vague description but doesn’t really sound like any other previous magics.
  26. Pressure magic: gravity but better stats (and more abilities?)
  27. Electron magic: lightning + ash
  28. Equinox magic: light + darkness magic
  29. Sacrifice magic: Not a super creative concept but hasn’t been used yet so still is warmly welcomed and will be an interesting use for high level players.
  30. Balance magic: rip your enemies reputation, creative concept but not really a good one, could be played around with, still like it!
  31. Promethean flame: The rarest magic of all time, dating back to before the gods. It’s a reskin of fire with random firey status effects. I actually think it’s fitting for the most powerful magic, this and fire are the two fire magics I’m fine with.
  32. Take that back, I hope basic fire magic acts more like actual fire and not just a base magic reskin.

I won’t lie, this is just a glorified complaint list, I don’t expect nor want vetex to look at this post, I really just wanted to get this stuff off my chest and was wondering what everyone else’s opinions are on this topic. And yes i am aware that vetex is doing this solo; and that yes none of these magics are set in stone; and that yes if I don’t like them I can just go play another game; and that yes it’s hard to create new concept magics especially on a deadline.


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Just adding some of my thoughts here

I personally don’t mind the amount of variants certain elements have, although it would be cool if other base elements got a bit more love in rare/ancient magics too. Each magic will most likely have its strengths and weaknesses, and having so many magics allows you to cover a lot of niches that otherwise wouldn’t be considered imo. Plus it’s not like there’s a limit to how many magics he can create, nobody needs to pay attention to a magic that they don’t plan on getting.

Whenever someone brings up lost and ancients to Vet, he replies with something along the lines of “I have something planned for them” so I’m really looking forward to discovering what kind of mechanics

Yeah most of these are staying more or less the same stat wise other than a few stat changes and status effects, all magics have gotten visually revamped tho and they’re being further improved in the patch notes rn

We’ve seen a sneak of iris (an early boss) using it, and the Trello also has its basic status effects and interactions so we know it has DoT stacking

Considering no magic will have a magic-specific spell, as far as we know they’re mostly visual. Looking forward for what Vet has planned for them though

Yeah seems like the DoT on this is planned to be notably long compared to other fire/heat dot magics from the little info we have. I’ll always love this magic though

I kinda headcanon it as the magic variation of the tide curse even though that’s probably very incorrect (relation between moon and tides)

Considering diamond is hard I’m envisioning sublime clash rates and good impact damage I guess idrk

Mud is def overhated, since people can’t imagine it standing up against stuff like Phoenix or god magic and stuff. But I really like its concept, it’s pretty unique and shows that coolness isn’t all that makes a magic special. It’s also the only magic as far as we know with slowing hazards which just adds in to its uniqueness

“Forbidden/cursed spell types” sounds a bit like insanity to me, would be interesting to see how it goes.

Like I said, looking forward to learning more about all these magics in the far future

wave is probably those moves some bosses might use in video games that nerf your character or deal small DoT

can’t get any examples off the top of my head rn

Oh you poor sweet summer child. Equinox magic is not just light plus dark, I have gone on about this at length many times. Equinox is a state of mind, a state of being, a state of bliss. Equinox is the perfect balance of light and dark, negative and positive, good and evil, righteous death and pain ridden life. It is the magic of the diplomat far more than balance which brings rage and distrust. It is an instrument of death, for if death magic were not real surely the instability and cruelty towards life of this magic it grants to its user is unparalleled but beyond that equinox is also a wonder of life. How one may live with this festering energy tearing away at them is a wonderful reminder of the steadfast will of man. I can go on but I have lectured you long enough. I believe you can become a believer and a lover of equinox my dear friend, I and equinox embrace you.


I will continue to do this whenever my beloved equinox is undersold and every time it will get longer until you wretched fools understand the wonder of my love.

i would also like to add that inferno is not just blue fire, if its anything like it was in aa then its gonna be broken as hell, that aoe is fucking insane

I respect inferno I really do but please do not compare your silly blue sans fire to my love.

theos flashbacks that shit lasts for long

Redditors after being insulted


i’m not comparing because it would be pointless to fight over it, i’m just pointing it out because every single person when talking about ancient magics thinks its just a recolor of fire

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I don’t know and I don’t care if someone already stated this but lost magics have the same spells as base magics. Lost spells are preset skills like a blast coming down from the sky.

You can apply lost spells to lost magics and base magics, idk about ancient though

So yes, all the lost magics will have the same spells (blasts, explosions, etc.) as base magics. Lost spells though…

Forumers trying to not complain about features that are years in the future challenge (impossible)

Jokes aside vetex already said he has something planned to make Lost Magics interesting

Everyone going after all the fire magics that aren’t even added yet while blatantly ignoring fucking plasma magic

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plasma is the second worst magic in the game
and literally just a retexture

They’re so similar that if you take the description for the effects it gives on trello they are near identical

Try guessing which is plasma and which is fire from these

Since AwesomeOS said Plasma is the second worst magic I’ll say the top image is Plasma and the bottom is Fire, if they didn’t say anything I would have 0 clue and if I am wrong that is just tragic

Wrong, the top is fire and the bottom is plasma