General Writing Category - All You Need To Know

Welcome to the General Writing Subcategory! Anyone is welcome, and encouraged to write about…anything!

The General Writing Category is for anyone that wants to write a short story, journal, or whatever other literary works they wish. There are a few ground rules–

  1. Be Respectful to other authors! You and other members can critique each other, just be nice and don’t be overly toxic or mean about it.
  2. No NSFW, Major Gore and Inappropriate content in any writing you make.
  3. Any writing has to be within the WoM/AO Canon.
  4. Describe what your writing is before your title. Multi Chaptered Writing needs to also say what chapter you are posting as well. Examples are included below:
    a. [Short Story] A Tale of Two Brothers
    b. [Poem] Ironport
    c. [Chapter 3] World of Magic: Clashing

To spice things up, there will be a WEEKLY WRITING PROMPT by yours truly that you can base your story on! Remember to label it “[Weekly Prompt] Story Name” to show it off!

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