Genuine problem

What were you doing before bug occurred: attacking a fortified pirate ketch

Steps to reproduce: unknown

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game): none relevant

so these fucking marines appeared out of thin air and started attacking me, they deal no damage but they messed up my naval battle because they kept making my camera act up when they walked in front of my character while I was piloting my ketch.

I’m a positive rep, who’s side are they on???

they are still fucking pestering me

there’s more of them :sleeper:

also this one got the most sus name

This is a problem one of my friends had, idk how she fixed it but I’ve also heard others complain about this as well. Truly an arcane oddity.

bro vetex what you tryna say

I don’t get where they come from! I’m not even a negative rep and they just relentlessly attack me and my boat, they legit spawned in the middle of the ocean and it’s so weird

Neither was she. She was positive rep, minding her own business, and they just started to come (didn’t realize how that sounded until I typed it, not changing it out of spite) . Probably a false agro situation where the NPCs will automatically agro to you once you load in maybe too fast or something but since you’re a positive rep they can’t hurt you nor can you to them. Just my theory.

I remember the Trello mentioning Gravy aggro bugs a few times, I guess some stuck around even after vet tried patching them

Not sure what causes this one, has happened to me before though and is pretty annoying (I was digging up treasure charts and they broke the ground, making the treasure impossible to dig up)


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