Getting a trade on the forums right now is impossible

No matter how good your offer is you will just get feedback on your trade and nobody wanting to do it.

Not really but k

most trading posts have either had bad offers or showcased what items they were trading
so its not that suprising to see that those trades werent completed in most cases


thats false. Good offers still get accepted 90% of the time if we arent talking about offers for headlesses. But most of this issue lies with people just not wanting to play wom or even trade rn


Exactly, there’s just been an influx of shitty trades recently…

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Yeah I agree I’d say that over half of trades posted on the forums are shitty

no you just make really shatty trades

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i posted an offer for meta set items and got a trade

forums are pretty shit tbh

Coping cuz you lost verified trader :troll:

I’m only stating the obvious, it always has been true :niceman:

check trading regularly and you will find some good trades. Yes it’s not a lot but they exists. I remember there is a trade which someone offers vastira for meta wizard and amulet stuff

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