Getting into fights

Kind of a stupid question, but how would I even get into 1v1s?

I wanna murder people but it’d be stupid if I just walked up to someone and asked “Hey. Let’s fight” and it’ll probably just end up with them logging or them flat out saying no.

What? Do I have to randomly jump people? I don’t even want renown, I just want to kill people

me want big number on player kill but me not know how get big number without just asking for fights

  1. If you have a pvphead friend you can always ask them to spar w/ you.

  2. Join GN/AS (this is what I did before) and literally kill anyone on sight, if asked why just say: I’m Navy/Assassin.

  3. Random killing/Bounty hunting.

Honestly just go around and befriend a guy who likes pvp.

Maybe try spicing it up? Make a very formal and flowery declaration about you intentions to duel, add a little roleplay. Just be a bit more interesting than some rando asking to fight I guess

Method 2 and 3 are literally being an asshole, but whatever floats your boat.

You could bribe them, offer them galleons or some decently rare thing

as a member of the G.N and A.S fuck this method, anyone who does this is a top tier prick, asshole, and should never fucking touch the game again.

anyways, you should just send people requests for 1v1’s at munera, good chance atleast one person will accept or as virge said, befriend someone who enjoys the thrill of fighting another person.

The issue is he seems to want to kill indiscriminately, but has enough of a conscience that he doesn’t want to RK

“Hey it’s me, Goku! I heard you beat that Cancer guy, you must be pretty strong!”

Idk what you’re on but slide some of it, low level killers are very rare, you just notice them more

and usually RKing involves ganking on low levels or PVE players.

Think about it.

If only elysium is always open :pensive:

You could always 1v1 lb players but that is basically just asking for an ass whooping.

So many complaints about pvp and ganking would be solved if pvpheads got their own little space…I agree it should be open all the time, or better yet, always open every day but only at a specific time of day.

They should open it like every weekend tbh

Become chromalux

whatever you decide, try not to be toxic about (i trust you won’t but i have to put it out there)

number 2 is a whole damn war crime

id say practice for a LONG time maybe even months until you are very good then eat up a huge bounty/fame then wait for people to come to you

but the easy way out is just use hbe basic combat and call it radius fist

I still don’t understand this mindset, are people who grind ranks for roleplay considered assholes as well? Or people who want clan infamy for rewards?

This is also entirely unrelated

Due to people like chromalux and many other lb players (which are mostly gravy and syndicate) people see them as renown grinders. You literally get perks for killing someone without bounty/contract on him

The auto hunt gives you like 1/10th of what a contract/poster gives