Ghost ship or crazy wizards?

Based on the development log we know the dark sea enemy is humanoid. But the dark sea HEAVILY revolves around insanity so…Crazy wizards comeback?

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honestly ghost ships mostly
i don’t think crazy wizards will appear in the dark sea unless the theories are true and Durza is an integral part in the lore of the epicenter

fair point

It would be weird if they were just crazy wizards knowing how they seem to have sizing based off of tier.

It seems likely to me that it’s the Atlanteans, which from what we can gather is a dangerous & race/species that we’ll encounter in the Dark Sea.


bro crazy wizards solo calvus

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atlanteans are like mermaids and shit, why would they be on a boat

We’re unsure what their arcane lore is yet, I doubt it’ll be revealed til the update comes out so I guess we’ll see

Why do they have to be mermaids?

:skull: because they’re atlanteans dumbass, they live in the water and are humanoid

How about sirens that would be cool I think :mermaid:

edit: just realized that atlanteans are planned so that might be what I’m talking about.

Yeah and AO is super accurate to Greek mythology like for example: Hades was super evil, Prometheus gave humans magic, Poseiden became a right hand man to a pirate, Prometheus was a god and ruler of Olympus, Cthulhu is a random shadow mage, the world became chaotic from magic pollution, 80%+ of humans died in one attack, Norse Mythology realms, etc all were in actual Greek Mythology :smile:


ok but all the characters are still based on mythology, if he wanted dark sea enemies to be on ships why would he choose an entire underwater race to be on ships? Just make them pirates or assasins or any other flavour of evil villan people

I’m 90% sure since we saw ‘random sizes’ for the enemies in the patchnotes that Atlanteans are surviving humans from Durzas blast, poisoned by magic radiation to basically have lost most reason, and alike animals, mutated with the magics they were exposed to over a long period of time.

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Atlantis wasn’t a city of mermaids dumbass :nerd_face:

Nah the Ghosts of Winterveil making a come back in the dark sea

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its definitely neither

the npcs have drops how tf are we supposed to fight them if they’re ghosts

also very odd that crazy wizards would be able to be bigger

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actually sirens would be great, maybe they sit on a small island and they force you to go near them and then they attack

ooh should there be a minigame that you’d do to try and resist their callings?

who gives a fuck if they’re mermaids or normal people who can breathe underwater, they DONT USE BOATS